Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well my New Year Resolution to have a post every week has already failed, but don't worry...I am back! It was a tough beginning to the New Year, but we have everything back on track! So lets move forward!

The next technique that I want to go over is a very important one if you want your designs to have a certian punch to them! This technique involves layering and using Dimensionals! These are raised adhesives that you use to add hight and dimension to your pieces. There are several techniques that you can use with this and I am going to show you a couple that I used on one card!

First is layering the same image to give it an extra pop! This is very easily done by double stamping an image. You will first stamp the image in the desired location on your card or your scrapbook page. Then stamp the same image on a second piece of paper. Now this piece of paper can be the same color as the orignal or can be a seperate color that better fits the stamped image. As you see in the card I made, I stamped the image of a bird, first on white paper and then again on a seperate white piece of paper. I elected to color in the image of the birds body, but I easily could have chose to stamp it on a yellow piece of paper to get the same desired effect. Once I was finished coloring the body, I cut out just the body. The legs and beek will already be on the orignal piece of paper for me. Then I used a dimensional to adhere the body directly above the body on the original piece of paper. This way it allows the bird to pop off the page!

Another way to use dimensionals is to pop a specific item. In this card I made a flower by using the Scallop Circle Punch from Stampin' Up and simply cut towards the center on each indent of the scalloped circle. I then used a large brad to act as the center of the flower. To help the flower stand out more I placed a Stampin' Up dimensional behind the flower so it gave the flower added hight!

Now there are many differnt ways that you can use dimensionals, but these are two that I commonly use and find work great to give a card or page that little something extra!

I will be back soon with more fun tips and techniques!

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