Saturday, January 2, 2010

Let's Emboss!

As I resolved to do, I am starting my tips and techniques! This weeks technique is Embossing! This is a new technique to me and I have fallen in love with it! I love how it adds an extra punch to the projects that I am making! There are several ways to Emboss and I am going to show you two of the techniques I use the most!

The first technique is the easiest of the two and I find it helps to add just a little something to a card without having to do a lot of work! This technique involves using an Embossing Pen and Embossing powder on a project that you are making. I use this technique most when adding a bit of sparkle to a project because it is easy to add a touch here or there! To do this technique you will use the embossing pen to outline or acent a stamped image or an image on a decorative page. You will simply outline the segment that you want to have accented and then sprinkle the embossing powder over the area touched by the pen. After tapping all extra powder off you will then use the heat set tool and set the embossing powder! This is great because embossing powder comes in various colors and can also have glitter in it so it will help show off your creations!

The second technique you can use is actually inking your stamp with a Versa Mark which is like a glue ink pad that is clear and then stamping the image on the page. Once the image is stamped then you want to sprinkle the embossing powder over the stamped image and tap off all extra powder. Then like in the last technique you would use your heat setting tool to set the powder! I really like to use this technique when I stamp on the back of my cards with the 'Hand Made' stamp from Stampin Up! This way the image stands out and lets the giver or receiver know that the card was made by hand from Stampin Up! products!

This picture shows an example of the second technique with the Black Embossing Powder from Stampin Up!

To start embossing I recommend that you have the following products to make sure your project turns out great:

Embossing Powder (I recommend Black, Iridescent Ice, and Glassy Glaze)
Powder Pals (this is great to keep your powder from going all over)
Heat Tool
Versa Mark Pad
Embossing Pen

All of these things can be purchased from Stampin Up!

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