Tuesday, December 8, 2009

As I sat here on a cold and snowy day I realized now is the time to get this blog going! The first question that I asked myself is where do I begin? Thats when it hits me...this is the same question I ask myself as I prepare to start a scrapbook or a set of cards! So lets look at the answer to this tough question! First we need to realize there is no one answer to this question, but a series of many little ones that will lead you to your goal! That would mean that our step one would be...defining what our goal is! Do you want to scrapbook a moment, a specific picture, a feeling, or is it that you just got some really cute paper and want to do something with it? Once we have decided what our main goal is we need to develope a game plan! Here are some steps that I take to develope a game plan for my pages:

First: I clean off a large area to arrange all of my ideas. Whether this is the kitchen table, a office desk, or a card table you have set up in the corner of your living room, you are going to want to make sure it is a clean slate!

Second: Once I have my clean slate I place my main focus on the table and try to visualize my overall idea. For this I usually will consult magazines, websites, and idea books to get my creative juices flowing! Let me tell you right up front....a lot of my best ideas came from looking at other peoples amazing creations! There is nothing wrong with strarting your idea by looking at other peoples successes! Besides as a mentor of mine has told me time and time again...once you have changed it by 10% its your creation! Now I am not telling you to go out and make an exact duplicate of someone else's creations! I am telling you though to take in what they have done and mold it into your own creation!

Third: Once I have my overall idea conceived I organize everything that I am going to need. This means I get the coordinating papers, ribbons, embellishments, tools, and glues! I like to make sure I have everything that I am envisioning upfront because nothing is worse then getting half way through a project and not having an important piece!

Lastly: I start! This is usually the hardest part of the process! What you need to remember though is nothing is permanent or project ending! As a friend of mine says...."thats why the are are 2 sides to a piece of paper"! Things can be covered, flipped, or cut out if necessary! The nice thing though, is if you have done the previous steps this doesn't happen very often!

Now comes my favorite part...Stepping back and looking at my new beautiful creation! I hope that this has inspired you to get started as it has me!

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  1. Kasey - Jessica Gunderson here :) I love that you are starting this, it could really go a long way!!! Congrats and I look forward to reading more... maybe you could start offering packaging for Photographers n stuff.. endless possibilities!

    yay :)