Sunday, December 27, 2009

Getting Ready for the New Year!

So Christmas has passed and the new year is creeping up on us quickly! So what is your New Year resolution? Well if yours are anything like mine, they always include getting more scrapbooking and cardmaking done! So lets work together to do so!

I recommend that you start off your New Year by making a list of the fun events that you did in 2009 that you want to get scrapbooked! This way you have guide for organizing your time with and for making your new purchases! Obviously you will have new ideas throught 2010, but you don't want to forget about finishing up 2009 so if you have a list to fall back on you always have an idea for a project!

I recommend pull out the 2009 calendar and go through month by month and write down fun things you did that month that you could scrapbook so you don't miss anything from 2009! You can also just sit down and go through all of the pictures on your camera since most cameras date the picture as it is taken so you have a date reference to work with too! Make sure to do this now so in 2010 you can start fresh with your picture journal that we discussed previously!

Also now is the time to take inventory on your supplies. There will be tons of sales in the next couple of weeks because of after holiday sales and new year sales so nows the time to stock up on holiday paper and embellishments while they are on sale! Also make sure to go through your products and get rid of the items that are used up, no longer usable, or in need of replacing. Also make sure you have a good stock on the essentials such as glue, pop-ups, basic papers (such as white, black, brown), refill pages, and even new books if necessary! There is nothing better then having everything ready to roll when starting out with a New Years resolution!

So get your New Year rolling out right, and start your prep work now! Good Luck!

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