Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stocking Up!

Tis the season to stock up on gifts, food, and supplies! When getting supplies it is very important to think about what you are getting prior to running out to the store! When you go to the grocery store you take a list to ensure you have all the ingredents for an excellent dish, so why wouldnt you do the same for your scrapbook supplies? Here are some tips and hints that I use for stocking up!

I like to have all of my scrapbooking things in one location so where ever that is I keep a note pad so I can write down things as they run out or get low! This way I have it down and ready to go at a moments notice and I don't have to try and take inventory each time I go out shopping! This is also handy to do as you look through magazines or idea books! This way if you see something you like you can jot it down and ensure that you take it home on the next shopping trip!

Along the lines of keeping a list of what I need, I also keep a list of what I have. This is especially important for reusable items such as stamps, inks, punches, and decorative scissors. The best way to do this is get a clearanced diary or journal and simply use the items you have on the pages! I use one stamp set per page in one ink tone and note the name of each. To take it a step further I recommend doing catagories together like birthday, holiday, words/sayings, ect. This way you can quick flip through and see what you have. By doing this you not only know what you have for shopping purposes, but it also makes it easy to flip through and pick a set for your projects!

Lastly while I am at the store I always try to compare all the items I am buying to eachother. Nothing is worse then getting a great item and not having any things that coordinate with it! I do this with paper, embelishments, and ink pads! This is a little bit more difficult to do at a store because everything is rather spread out, but take advantage of shopping in catalogs that color match everything for you! Make sure when doing this though you order more then what you need especially if the item is seasonal color! I highly recommend getting the papers, inks and refills all at once if possible so you ensure that your items match/coordinate!

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