Friday, December 11, 2009

Picking a Scrapbook!

Now that you have your supplies and pictures organizied, its time to pick a scrapbook that is going to work for you! There are many different styles of scrapbooks to choose from so take a moment to ask yourself a few questions before you just run out and grab one!

The first thing that I always consider before starting a new scrapbook is what is my theme? Is this a book for a specific occasion, or is it a collection of memories across a long period of time? Also think about how much you have to scrapbook. If you are doing a specific occasion such as a holiday or maybe a birthday or just have a small amount of pictures to document, I would recommend doing a smaller 6x6 or 8x8 book so you can fill up a book without making it look like you didn't have time to finish it! Now if you are doing a long period of time like babies first year or high school, I would recommend doing a large book like a 12x12 so you have more room to include all of the pictures you want!

Also when deciding what book to buy I recommend that you consider how many pages you want to inculde in your book. If it is going to be a lot of pages then I would recommend getting the extra page sleeves when you buy the book. This way you can ensure you are getting the right ones to fit the holes of your book!

Now that you have decided what size of book you want it is time to get down to the nitty gritty, and pick out the look you want! This to me was very hard when I began because I wanted to make sure my book was 'pretty'! After doing my first scrapbook, I realized that the outside isn't nearly as important as the inside! I now tend to go with solid color books, but love the ones that have the peek-a-boo hole so you can see a little glimps of whats to come! Also by picking a solid colored book, I feel there is no right or wrong decisions for the interior colors! I found with my first book I tried to make sure the pages coordinated with the exterior of the book! Crazy! The pages should coordinate with the pictures not the book!

Lastly make sure to go with what you feel comfortable! If you are unsure and just getting started I would recommend going with a smaller 6x6 book so you don't feel overwhelmed with a huge space to fill! Besided, a 6x6 page can easily be transitioned into a 8x8 or 12x12! Hope you can find the book that fits your needs to house your beautiful creations!

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