Saturday, December 19, 2009

Best Bang for you Buck!

Its no secret that the times have gotten tough, and we need to spend our money more wisely then in the past. So how do you do that when you are buying 'extras'? Well there are some really easy ways to make your dollar go farther when scrapbooking and making cards!

First tip: Host a show! There is no easier way to build up your supplies then hosting a stamping show! Why not organize a show that will help you earn free products while allowing you and your good friends learn great tips and techniques from a professional! There is nothing better then getting things for free and hanging out with friends! Want to have a party but not sure its worth the time? Why not get a group of friends together and alternate hosting! This way everyone makes a small cost commitment and you each take turns getting the hostess benefits! This is great if you already have a scrapbook group! Most times you only need a minimum of $150 is sales to get the hostess benefits, so if you could get yourself and 5 friends together you would only need to make a commitment of $25 every other month! So for $12.50 a month you could have a great time and keep your scrapbooking supplies well stocked! If your interested in this you should visit and check her calendar!

Second tip: Stretch your products! Just because you love this 12x12 page, that doesn't mean you are necessarily going to use it all at once. So start a scrap box for all of your extras! You would be amazed how many times you can use that same 12x12 page for various projects! I try to keep mine organized by color families so when I am coming up with a project I know where to look for that speical piece! Also make sure you stock up at once with your products. This way you have what you want when you need it so you avoid additional trips to the store which end up in more expenses! When you buy and ink pad, spend the extra $2.75 for the know you will like the color so why not get the most out of your ink pad!

Third tip: Keep your supplies organized...I know this sounds weird, but the more organized you are the less likely you are to over buy or to buy multiples of the same item! Plus by keeping your supplies organized you will keep them in better condition thus get more use out of them! How many times have you bought extra cans of soup because you couldn't see that you already had 3 of them in the cupboard...thats no different then buying extra paper that you already had! So keep it tiddy and save!

Lastly: Research your products and splurge when it is necessary! Sometimes it doesn't matter how much you spend on a product because the quality is the same, but in some cases thats just not how it works! One thing I really recommend this for is ink pads! Make sure to spend your extra money where it is needed! Nothing is worse then going to make a project and your ink pad is dried out or discolored. Another thing I recommend spending a little more on is your stamps and cleaners! I know it is tempting to buy a single stamp to save on the costs, but it is so much more cost effective to spend just a little more and buy a nice set. This way you have all parts of the set that work together so you will get more uses out of them just a single stamp you may only use a handful of times! Along with this make sure you buy the right stamp cleaners to keep your stamps clean and in good condition. Some cheaper cleaners can dry out your rubber stamps and cause them to crack.

Hope these ideas can help you stock up during these tough times and keep your supplies pleantiful on a tight budget!

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